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Sekolah Basilea
Sekolah KB, TK
Jemursari Utara II no. 26
Jawa Timur
+62 318438044

Sekolah Basilea

Christ - Capabilities - Common Good

Jenjang : KB, TK
Alamat : Jemursari Utara II no. 26
Surabaya, 60237
Jawa Timur
Telepon : +62 318438044
Email : donovan.yahya@gmail.com
Website : www.basilea.sch.id
Agama : Kristen
Biaya Bulanan : Rp 500.000 - Rp 1.000.000
Setiap orangtua ingin memberikan pendidikan yang terbaik bagi anaknya. Dengan semakin banyaknya sekolah yang bermunculan, memilih sekolah menjadi pekerjaan semakin rumit bagi orangtua. Semakin banyak pilihan, orangtua semakin bingung memilih. Ada beberapa point penting yang bisa menolong para orangtua dalam menentukan pilihan yang paling tepat bagi anaknya. 1. KEYAKINAN. Yakinlah ...
Banyak orangtua tidak memiliki banyak waktu untuk dapat berkunjung ke sekolah-sekolah saat akan memilih sekolah yang paling tepat untuk anaknya. Jika Anda adalah orangtua yang sibuk, pergunakan daftar pertanyaan berikut untuk menanyakan hal-hal terpenting yang Anda perlu ketahui sebelum akhirnya Anda memilih sekolah mana yang akan Anda coba. Kelas apa saja ...
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To prepare Indonesia’s next generation leaders to impact of the nation, by fostering:
1. biblical worldview: help students to see the world from God’s perspective through a biblically integrated curriculum
2. character development: help students grow as disciples of Jesus Christ 
3. thinking skills: stimulate curiosity, proactiveness, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills
4. nationalism: grow love and appreciation for the country of Indonesia and care for the community, city, and country
5. global perspectives: foster English language proficiency and prepare students to participate as citizens of the global society


To become known as a Bible-centered educational institution that delivers academic excellence and equips next generation leaders to impact Indonesia according to their God-given talents.



We believe that God is the creator of everything, and God is the source of all truth, and God sustains all things. We believe the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Thus, Sekolah Basilea intends to help students to know God and develop a relationship with Him.

We believe that the Bible is the authoritative word of God and the source of Truth. Sekolah Basilea intends todevelop biblical literacy in students and encourage them to apply Biblical principles in their lives. We intend to integrate the Bible into the whole curriculum. “For it was in Him that all things were created, in heaven and on earth, things seen and things unseen, whether thrones, dominions, rulers, or authorities; all things were created and exist through Him [by His service, intervention] and in and for Him.” (Col 1:16 Amplified Bible). 

We believe that the ultimate aim of Christian education is tohelp students to become godly people with a sense of purpose and calling,a strength of character, to develop their intellect according to their God given talents, andpreparing them to be contributing citizens who make an impact in this nation and beyond. 

While we are a Christian school, we respect people of other religions and we welcome families who come from a different religion to enroll their child at Basilea. Students from other religions are not required to participate in prayer and Bible reading. However, they are to attend the whole class session every day from beginning to end. 

We intend to develop future leaders of this nation. As such, we intend to develop leadership qualities in students, to name a few: confidence, the will to take initiatives, strength of character, passion in their work, communiction skills, decisionmaking skills, social skills, love for learning, critical and creative thinking, empathy for other people. 
We believe disciplining students is necessary to promote the well being of the school. Our discipline philosophy is “firm but kind.” At no time shall wepractice corporal punishment. In our discipline process, we strive to develop understanding in students about the relationship of their actions and consequences. 

We believe as a Christian school, teachers must be active practicing Christians who are to model Christlike character we want developed in students. We strive to recruit and retain teachers who have not only professional qualifications, but also demonstrate engagement in spiritual growth. 

We believe parents are partners of the school in educating the children. As such, we expect parents to be actively involved in the education process of their children. We strive to maintain ongoing communication with parents about the development of their children. 

We believe that it is important to love and appreciate our country Indonesia, as we are born and raised in this land.We intend to develop their national identity by fostering proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia and teaching them Indonesian culture. We intend to foster a sense of citizenshipand social responsibility in the students. We intend to foster empathy in the students for the less fortunate in their communities.

As the world is becoming globalized, we believe it is important to developa global perspective. We intend to foster proficiency in English to equip students to participate in a global society. We also intend to expose them to the diversity of the world. 

Basilea's five pillar of mission are: biblical worldview, character development, thinking skills, nationalism, and global perspectives. Our unique curriculum translates Basilea's vision and mission into the day-to-day activities of the school to shape the students towards God's dream for them.
Every day children learn to connect with God through prayer, praise and worship, and learning Bible stories and key Bible verses.
Active Parcipatory Training
This is the core of our curriculum, where children "construct" their own knowledge of the world. This means that learning is not simply the process of adults giving information to children, which is what you might find in a conventional curriculum. Students are given freedom to plan their activity according to their interest, execute it, and have a time for reflection of their activity. This U.S. research-based curriculum has been proven to stimulate curiosity, proactiveness, confidence, creativity, imagination, and decisionmaking skills.
Character Development
It is indisputable that developing a good character since early childhood is very important. We teach Bible based character education which focuses a balance between love and discipline.
Language Development
Basilea is primarily a bilingual school. It is important that children gets a solid grasp of their mother tongue of Bahasa Indonesia before learning a second language. We encourage the development of Bahasa Indonesia during playgroup, while introducing also English. We progressively intensify the use of the English language as they proceed to kindergarten. We also offer Mandarin at the kindergarten level.
Children learn foundational quantitative concepts such as "more", "less", "a lot", and "the same as". They can sort and match things that are the same or different; they can also arrange things in simple patterns, based on their characteristics; they also learn to count from 1 to 100.
Music & Movement
Musicality is an important aspect of children's intelligence. Children experimenting with musical instruments is a part of our class routine.
Arts & Crafts
Children express their creativity through drawing, painting, and making crafts
Social Skill Development
We emphasize the importance of adult-child interaction in children's social development. Our teachers are trained to interact with the children, not only as authority figures "talking down" to children, but also as partners actively participating in children's play. We provide a learning environment that stimulates children to share and interact with other children. We also implement a carefully designed 7-steps conflict resolution method to help children learn to socialize by dealing with conflict with other children.
Outside Time
Every day children enjoy activities outside to get healthy exercise at the playground, as well as to enjoy God's nature, and care for plants and animals in our mini farm.
Learning Environment
Our attractively decorated classrooms are divided into interest areas or "stations", which contain sets of different types of play equipment. The play equipment has been carefully chosen to be "open-ended", stimulating children's imagination and creativity.
MiniTrip & FieldTrip
To introduce children to the bigger society, we take children on tour to places of public service such as the post office, fire station, and police station. We also take them on tour to points of interest in Surabaya such as museums, parks.
Service Learning
We want to grow children who care about people, we hold regular community service projects to have children learn about serving people and their community.
Program & Prestasi

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EdCamp, a professional development forum#|#|#On May 10, Basilea proudly hosted EdCamp, a professional development forum where educators and people who care about education from various institutions gather and discuss about various topics related to education.|||0
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