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High/Scope Indonesia - Kelapa Gading
Sekolah SD, SMP
Jl. Casablanca IX, Bukit Gading Mediterania Kelapa Gading Fax (62)(21) 4586 0929 Email
Jakarta Utara
DKI Jakarta
(021) 4586 0927-8

High/Scope Indonesia - Kelapa Gading

Learning Is A Journey, Not A Race...

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Jenjang : SD, SMP
Alamat : Jl. Casablanca IX, Bukit Gading Mediterania Kelapa Gading Fax (62)(21) 4586 0929 Email
Jakarta Utara, 14240
DKI Jakarta
Telepon : (021) 4586 0927-8
Email : highscopekg@cbn.net.id
Website : www.highscope.or.id/
Biaya Bulanan : > Rp 1.000.000
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To be the world’s innovative leader and barometer of education in Indonesia


To help Indonesian children develop totally – academic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and physical – and be competitive internationally.

High/Scope Institute Indonesia

High/Scope Institute Indonesia seeks to promote the use of High/Scope throughout the country. We are accomplishing this by:

  • Teacher development programs
  • Ensuring quality in training and practice
  • Providing relevant services to individual sites
  • Developing training course materials
  • Developing elementary curriculum using the High/Scope approach
  • Developing middle school (junior high) curriculum using the High/Scope approach

High/Scope Institute Indonesia was established in 2000 to accommodate the spread of this highly effective approach nationwide after the first-established preschool program decidedly exhibited a proven track record to parents with children in the program.

Since then, High/Scope Institute Indonesia has spread throughout Jakarta and outside Jakarta, namely Bandung, Denpasar, and Medan. We have trained over 300 teachers and more than 1,000 children have benefited from the program.

Why High/Scope

Learning for Today's World

We are living in an extremely dynamic world. A world in which technology and globalization has dramatically changed the way in which we live. Information multiplies at an extremely fast rate; this challenges us on a daily basis just to keep-up.

To keep-up with this dynamic and information rich world we need skills and we need schools and education that is able to prepare us with critical skills for today’s world. For too long schools have been based on a ‘factory model’ that simply thinks of students as being all, or mostly, the same, and simply being empty vessels into which knowledge and information is poured in a directive, dictatorial and one-way approach.

The ‘factory model’ for schools fails to respond to students as human beings and fails to help to equip students with the vital skills they will need to succeed in today’s challenging world. Schools often do not manage to equip students with the diverse skills and abilities to think, analyze and create for themselves with initiative, innovativeness, independence and self-discipline. Students need to be able to explore and discover for themselves and integrate their learning from a variety of subjects into their overall ability to respond to the challenges of our world.

The High/Scope approach is designed to help facilitate those skills. The active and engaged learning at High/Scope aims to create an environment for education that is student-centered with teachers participating to facilitate and assist the learning through active exploration, discovery and interactions with people and materials. The basis for this is a continuum of learning that responds to students' needs and allows them to develop based on prior experiences. This means that students will be able to develop a continuity of experiences building on their learning through new experiences. Students’ learning experiences will, then, be unique and much more meaningful.

Key facets of the High/Scope approach are, then, balancing the development of academic skills with personal skills – interpersonal and intra-personal. This will allow students to grow in self-esteem and confidence and, in turn, develop the higher thinking skills that are so necessary for the challenging world of the twenty-first century. The approach is an integrated, socially and emotionally appropriate response to the learning needs of today with the aim of creating capable, conscientious students that have strong self-knowledge and awareness of others, and the world, around them.



Early Childhood Educational Program

In an active learning setting, where children actively pursue their personal goals, they explore, ask and answer questions, solve problems, and interact with peers and teachers. When they are doing so, they actually engage in “key experiences”, experiences that children need in order to develop their skills and abilities. There are 58 key experiences in child development for the early childhood years and they are grouped into 10 categories:

  1. Creative representation
  2. Language and literacy
  3. Social relations and initiative
  4. Movement
  5. Music
  6. Classification
  7. Seriation
  8. Number
  9. Space
  10. Time

The above key experiences lead to:

  • Current and long-term social outcomes
  • Academic skills needed for school success

These key experiences are the curriculum for our early childhood educational program. High/Scope teachers are guided by these key experiences when planning activities, selecting materials, or preparing events for children.

Program & Prestasi

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